Heritage Planning and Policy

  • Heritage planning
  • Policy and process development and analysis
  • Audits and strategic planning for heritage sites and programmes
  • Heritage conservation districts and heritage area policies
  • Expert testimony and peer reviews
  • Strategic conservation plans
  • Temporary protection plans

Evaluation and Assessment

  • Cultural heritage evaluation reports
  • Cultural heritage assessment reports
  • Cultural heritage screening checklists/reports
  • Heritage impact assessments and heritage impact statements
  • Cultural heritage landscape assessments
  • Risk assessment/due diligence for heritage resources


  • Stages 1 through 4 Archaeological Assessment
  • Archaeological Management Plans
  • Risk management and assessment/due diligence for archaeological potential and resources
  • Collections management

Research and Education

  • Property-specific historic research
  • Public engagement activities and education
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Customized training