Abraham Plunkett-Latimer, M.A., M.Pl

Heritage Planner

Abraham Plunkett-Latimer is a heritage planner with Letourneau Heritage Consulting Inc. (LHC). He holds a Master of Arts degree in History from Carleton University and a Master of Planning from Ryerson University and has pursued doctoral work in History at the University of Toronto (ABD). He has worked in heritage planning for both the public and private sectors and has contributed to publications on local and international history. His past projects include spearheading the creation of a list of non-designated heritage properties for the Municipality of Port Hope, producing a heritage survey for the Old Ottawa South Community Association, and contributing to a study of retail main streets to support the planning of Toronto’s Quayside neighbourhood. He has experience in policy analysis, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and urban design principles and has undertaken volunteer work for Ryerson University’s City Building Institute.