Colin Yu, BSc.

Cultural Heritage Specialist & Archaeologist

Colin Yu is a Cultural Heritage Specialist and Archaeologist with Letourneau Heritage Consulting Inc. He holds a BSc with a specialist in Anthropology from the University of Toronto. Colin is currently pursuing a M.A in Heritage and Archaeology from the University of Leicester. He is specializing in identifying socioeconomic factors of 19th century Euro-Canadian settlers through quantitative and qualitative ceramic analysis.

Colin has worked in the heritage industry for over five years, starting out as an archaeological field technician in 2013. He currently holds an Applied Research license from the Ministry of Tourism Sport and Culture (R1104). Colin has worked on a variety of archaeological sites, including Euro-Canadian farmsteads, historic burials, and First Nations villages. Additionally, Colin has led numerous Stage 2-4 archaeological assessments in southern Ontario. In order to fulfill the requirements set under the Ontario Heritage Act, Colin has written Stage 1-4 archaeological reports. His specialties include ceramic analysis, archaeological assessments, and archival research.