About us

Letourneau Heritage Consulting Inc. is a heritage planning and management consulting firm with offices in Kingston, Toronto and Haliburton, Ontario. We work with government agencies, property owners, developers, community groups, and site managers to identify, manage, plan, and conserve historical sites, museums and cultural heritage resources.

Our experience

Established in 2015, LHC has quickly become one of the dominant heritage firms in Canada, and the largest heritage planning firm in the country. Our team has worked across most sectors including government, private sector, on non-profit boards and institutions, and in academia, bringing a nuanced understanding to our practice.

Our difference

LHC has a progressive approach to heritage and museum management. This approach is embodied in by our experiences working with cultural and heritage communities across Canada. Through our change management approach, we focus on developing practical, sustainable, and meaningful solutions for cultural heritage resources and sites. We employ a broad understanding of cultural heritage management and conservation that reflects international, national and provincial best practices.

We endeavour to customize each project to meet the needs of our client. Also our range of services from cultural resource management, heritage conservation to exhibit design and interpretation makes us a one stop destination for all your cultural and heritage needs.