Janice Rector

Office Manager

During my extensive and diversified career, I have gained valuable experience in secretarial, receptionist and administrative functions. I have always had a keen interest in all aspects of heritage planning.

In my varied secretarial experience for the City of Kingston, one of my responsibilities was to provide high quality professional service to the public, clients, consultants and staff in other City departments. My excellent verbal and communication skills with a customer-centered approach was commended and acknowledged by senior staff.

During my career I experienced many organizational changes and restructurings and always maintained a positive attitude and approach during these times. My strong and confident approach was instrumental in assisting other employees during these periods of transition and helped to ensure that deliverables and team goals of the department were met on a daily basis.

I believe that it is vitally important to show a genuine concern for people, to be friendly, to actively listen and not be judgmental. I also believe it is important to be helpful and considerate of others so that we all may lead full lives and be treated with respect and support.