Amy Barnes, M.A.


Amy Barnes, M.A. is a Heritage Consultant who has been working in the heritage field since 2009. She holds an M.A. in Heritage Conservation from the School of Canadian Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. Ms. Barnes has worked in the Heritage Planning Departments at the City of Kingston and the Municipality of North Grenville where her duties involved public consultation, records management and work on a variety of heritage-related planning issues. Ms. Barnes has been an active member of the Cambridge Heritage Advisory Committee since 2009 through which she has participated in numerous public consultations and public workshops. Ms. Barnes has presented at numerous conference and speaking engagements on heritage related topics. Ms. Barnes has a great deal of experience researching and presenting historical information to a variety of audiences including both professionals and engaged citizens. Ms. Barnes has worked as a Content Developer for projects with Heritage Canada Foundation, Virtual Museums Canada, Canadian Heritage Information Networks, and the Heritage Resource Centre at the University of Waterloo. Ms. Barnes has carried out numerous Heritage Impact Assessments and Cultural Heritage Evaluation Reports throughout Ontario.